Welcome to blog.qcsme.org

Welcome to the QCSME Blog site!  This site (blog.qcsme.org) is setup as a subdomain to the regular www.qcsme.org site.  This means that they are side by side as we start our “social networking experiment”.

During the May Business Meeting, members interested in participating will be allowed pick usernames and passwords to be contributors to the blog site.

At the moment, I’ve seeded the site with this one post and two categories.  Please feel free to suggest other categories of discussion.

Suggestions for 2011 Open House

Our Open House on April 18, 2010 had a grand total of 74 visitors.  Suggested improvements for the 2011 Open House are:

  1. Move the event back to a Saturday from this year’s Sunday Date.
  2. Buy a add from the papers to provide incentive to cover the event.
  3. Pray for bad weather (meaning a Mid-March date) since April weather was excellent for other outside activities.